Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Some Good, Some Bad, Some Unknown

I thought i graduated as of May 2010. Turns out i didn't complete a required class, so it looks like i haven't graduated yet. This class will continue to haunt me until i complete it. I really don't understand why math is such an important class to take when i have already dipped my feet into my work field. Graphic Design and Photography has no need for math so i'm pretty much wasting my time re-taking it even though i do need the class.

I met a new boy that i'm intrigued by. We physically flirt with each other but who knows where that'll take it. At least i have someone new to flirt with for now. I shouldn't think too much into it but i like him.

Searching for jobs is scary and sometimes i feel as though i'm not good enough i need to just plow through that feeling and just try?

My birthday was last week, t'was very fun. Had dinner at cheesecake factory on my actual bday had tons of cake. The next day went to the usual club and maybe had a bit too much to drink, mixing beer + vodka NOT a good thing ended up leaving early. I think a lot of the times i got fucked up was on my birthday. Then Saturday i had dinner with some friends at a French restaurant followed by beer + bowling. As the night went on some of our bowling abilities got better with more beer.

Some people also bitched about not being invited or being uninvited. Theres just too many people to invite now that i dont know who to invite who not to invite. so i just only invited my closest friends and the ones that did respond to my invites. Maybe next year i wont plan my bday events then. So many people flaked i had to change amount of guests on my reservations so many times. All and all t'was fun though.