Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I bruised my knees for him

I never thought i'd be one to fall for a friend, then after a group trip to the snow we'll call him Mike, tells me he has developed feelings for me. Which seems fine right? The thing is he has a boyfriend. Out of respect for my friendship with Mike and his relationship i never said anything until he told me how he felt.

Somehow things started falling into place in my favor. I found out Mike had broken up with his boyfriend. After some relaxation at the park and some special truffles (my first time) we end up at our friends place after feeling the downside of it. One thing led to another and we ended up kissing for a little bit until one of the more sober ones came in to check on me. Later on, after we ate at the table Mike confessed that he likes Jack, i didn't respond to his confession. The four of us ended up on the sober friend's bed and we snuggled against each other. I couldn't help but smile knowing i was the one with my arms around Mike.

While the event allowed me and Mike to get closer, i have a hunch that nothing else will occur. Let's just say a social network told me something I probably didn't want to find out.

Just when I thought something good will finally happen, it might be taken away in an instant. So much badluck this year.


Luuworld said...

your story started out happy, but then turned sad! i'm so sorry for you!

but are you CERTAIN nothing more will happen with you and this guy??

dannie said...

maybe there will be a part two in store for later. hopefully it'll be a happy one :]