Monday, April 26, 2010


As we approached Mike's place, i stopped the car and eventually my friend and Mike woke up from their slumber. The friend heads off home, as Mike and I tread up the stairs so I can retrieve my keys. Mike offered me to stay the night if i wanted to, since we had beach plans followed by more clubbing the next day. I was conflicted whether or not I should stay over. I wouldn't have to drive home late, wake up early, pay toll AGAIN. But i'll have my own bed, and my own clothes.

I decided to stay and he exclaimed that he wouldn't do anything to me that night. As i climbed into his bed he asked if we can spoon, and i gave him access to move in closer. He began to wrap his arms around me, as i put my arm on top of his. I couldn't help but feel his body against mine and his breath against my neck as he held me firmly in his arms it felt surreal to be so close to him once again. We ended up kissing later on and continued to spoon through out the night 'til the sun rose from its own slumber.

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