Sunday, April 11, 2010

Being Shy

Sometimes i wonder why i let my shyness take over and stop me from doing something. Then afterwards i kind of regret not going forth and overcoming it.

Yesterday at a house warming two guys were interested in me, but my shyness overcame my mind and i was scared to even just sit down and get to know them. Which in their point of view it can seem as though i’m not interested, rejected.

I think I need to try harder to overcome this shyness and go forth on endeavors that send my shy signals up the roof.


Shelly said...

I am shy as well, and I have an easier time talking to new people when I have a friendly face with me. Have you tried going out with a friend? If not, do that!
Also, remember that the new people you meet are probably feeling the same way you are. That helps, too.

John said...

So you're shy. So what? Get on with it!

If you don't, you'll wake up in 20 years and wonder where your life went to.

Trust me, it's not worth it.

Go get some. Live your life like there's no tomorrow.

Lydia said...

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Simply Me said...

Hey shyness can be over whelming. However you can over come it. It starts with building confidence in yourself and the person God made you to be. Practice telling yourself how great you are then go out and buy your self a slamming new outfit. Last step strut your stuff like your on the red carpet. If you get time check out my spot.

Luuworld said... definitely have to work on your shyness if you let two guys slip through your fingers because you didn't talk to them!

practice in front of the mirror! get some friend to coach you! this can't go on! you go boy! :-D said...

there is someone for everyone and you won't find them if you hide yourself! Put yourself out there.. cupid rewards such bravery!

vMarie said...

dont think about it too much. if u want to talk to someone then focus on an opening line rather than contemplating on going up to them. :)