Wednesday, November 18, 2009

boy boy

These past few weeks have been pretty busy or eventful as of late. I've been hanging out with a new group of people and it's a nice change of pace of my once uneventful life, but i now find myself constantly broke.

On top of that, i met a boy through the group and we've been taking for about 3 weeks now. We both seem to be in to each other and want to get to know more of each other and see where this goes. I also like the pace we're going at, it's nice and slow, unlike the other past relationships where everything went by so quickly.

I don't know how everything will work out, because he lives in San Francisco and I live in the easy bay. so i'll be doing a lot of driving. I guess if i really like him and want to see him the drive won't be an issue.

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