Tuesday, October 13, 2009

heart breaker

I met a guy off the internet and we've gone on two dates so far. The first date was really casual, i picked him up from BART and we went to starbucks to talk and got to know each other. Then we walked around downtown and played on the swings at a nearby park. he asked me if he could kiss me, which was sweet of him. but what kinda turned me off then was that his lips were chapped. after kissing me my lip balm wore off on his lips. At least his lips aren't chapped anymore.

He's big on making out, and i found it weird to be making out with him, i didn't like it.

The second date, i took BART up to San Francisco and we met up downtown after he got off work. We proceeded to take the bus towards Japan Town. We walked around went to a few stores and had sushi for dinner. We split the bill...which quickly tells me how things will be like in the future if there was going to be one.

I think i tried testing him to see how he'll react. By telling him about my problems and my flaws, but he didn't run away at all.

The next day he wanted to hang out again, so i went over to his place. we hung out in his room which he shared with his sister which threw me off completely and extremely awkward when we're cuddling and kissing while she's in the room. I ended up staying the night and i was not able to sleep at all. His bed was uncomfortable, the fan was on and he was kinda snoring.

he texts me everyday and i'm starting to feel smothered and annoyed lol

I definitely don't think it's the right time for me to be dating since school is so busy. Another thing is him being so clingy, i feel like he's becoming attached and falling for me way too fast. I think i need to end it soon.


letopho said...


lol. show me him!

Luuworld said...

haha, you told him your problems and flaws on the second date? you're too cute! anyway, he didn't disappear, so you must've done the right thing.

anyway, it's weird how we're often turned off by people who are too clingy, or express that they like us. do you think you would be more into him if he was more aloof and hard to get?

hm. life is funny!

ps: was his sister in the room while you two were sleeping?!!

dannie said...

@Luu - lol i tried to scare him off but it didn't work. his sister was sleeping in the room too...AWKWARD!!