Thursday, October 22, 2009

exhibition FAIL

The piece is titled 'Army of Ants' our assignment was to create a visual pun using our chosen words. A group of ants is called an Army of ants, but what if these ants were in the navy, would they still be called an army of ants or will they be a navy of ants? I purposely mixed the fabrics together to make the ants pop and have a rugged look as well as a cute animated feel to them.

Found fabrics were used, hand/machine sewing was involved, and stuffed animals were harmed for their stuffing in the process of creating this piece.

I feel as though some of my friends failed me, i wasted my time sending out personalized text messages to my friends about the reception of my group art show i was part of to no avail either i got no responses or no show ups. I'm really glad for the few that did come though. I know some of them had other plans or have told me before hand that they weren't able to make it. Friends definitely do come and go i'll live and let go.

doing this art show definitely shows me that i really don't do work for anyone but myself. it would be really nice to showcase my work but putting so much work into it and not get any recognition from it doesn't help at all.

The school paper ran an article about our show and my piece made the front page as a headline to the article inside the newspaper, at least something good came out of it. Though my piece wasn't even mentioned in the article.

thanks to those who did make it to the show or have gone to see it while it was still up. I'm tearing the gallery down tomorrow.


Luuworld said...

your piece looks cool. i would have come to the show and supported you! (there were free drinks there too right?!)

and yeah, friends do come and go. but don't be too harsh on the ones that didn't show up. give them another chance :)

dannie said...

thanks Luu! there were non-alcoholic drinks there. i'm just a little disappointed that i got no response from them, still haven't heard back from them, i'm not gonna try.

thwany said...

that's really awesome.

Caligula Sanchez said...

ohmygod those ants are awesome.