Thursday, October 22, 2009

exhibition FAIL

The piece is titled 'Army of Ants' our assignment was to create a visual pun using our chosen words. A group of ants is called an Army of ants, but what if these ants were in the navy, would they still be called an army of ants or will they be a navy of ants? I purposely mixed the fabrics together to make the ants pop and have a rugged look as well as a cute animated feel to them.

Found fabrics were used, hand/machine sewing was involved, and stuffed animals were harmed for their stuffing in the process of creating this piece.

I feel as though some of my friends failed me, i wasted my time sending out personalized text messages to my friends about the reception of my group art show i was part of to no avail either i got no responses or no show ups. I'm really glad for the few that did come though. I know some of them had other plans or have told me before hand that they weren't able to make it. Friends definitely do come and go i'll live and let go.

doing this art show definitely shows me that i really don't do work for anyone but myself. it would be really nice to showcase my work but putting so much work into it and not get any recognition from it doesn't help at all.

The school paper ran an article about our show and my piece made the front page as a headline to the article inside the newspaper, at least something good came out of it. Though my piece wasn't even mentioned in the article.

thanks to those who did make it to the show or have gone to see it while it was still up. I'm tearing the gallery down tomorrow.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

heart (un)breaker 2

It's been several days since the guy i dated recently messaged me. So yesterday i thought i'd just say hi, thats when he asked me if i was still interested in us? I honestly told him that i didn't really feel a connection with him, and he was really mature about it. So i guess we're just friends now with no hard feelings.

I'm happy though, at least he was mature enough to handle it like an adult rather than create drama out of no where. I didn't want to be an ass and just stop talking to him, i would want someone to break it to me...even if it might hurt, i need to hear it so i can attempt to move forward from it.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Alexander McQueen S/S 2010

Such an amazing show! i felt like i was on another planet. i so love the shoes, and the girls walked pretty effortlessly in them too. Just beautiful!!

part 1

part 2 | part 3 | finale

NOTE: in part 2, somewhere in the middle a dog or cat makes a sound. it scared the shit out of me.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

heart breaker

I met a guy off the internet and we've gone on two dates so far. The first date was really casual, i picked him up from BART and we went to starbucks to talk and got to know each other. Then we walked around downtown and played on the swings at a nearby park. he asked me if he could kiss me, which was sweet of him. but what kinda turned me off then was that his lips were chapped. after kissing me my lip balm wore off on his lips. At least his lips aren't chapped anymore.

He's big on making out, and i found it weird to be making out with him, i didn't like it.

The second date, i took BART up to San Francisco and we met up downtown after he got off work. We proceeded to take the bus towards Japan Town. We walked around went to a few stores and had sushi for dinner. We split the bill...which quickly tells me how things will be like in the future if there was going to be one.

I think i tried testing him to see how he'll react. By telling him about my problems and my flaws, but he didn't run away at all.

The next day he wanted to hang out again, so i went over to his place. we hung out in his room which he shared with his sister which threw me off completely and extremely awkward when we're cuddling and kissing while she's in the room. I ended up staying the night and i was not able to sleep at all. His bed was uncomfortable, the fan was on and he was kinda snoring.

he texts me everyday and i'm starting to feel smothered and annoyed lol

I definitely don't think it's the right time for me to be dating since school is so busy. Another thing is him being so clingy, i feel like he's becoming attached and falling for me way too fast. I think i need to end it soon.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Scratch that

Just completely ignore my previous post on Halloween costumes, i just thought of a new one the other day and i'm excited. It's cheap and i can wear it any other day...well not as an entire outfit.

But i'm planning on being a washed up Mickey Mouse Club member. The outfit will consist of mickey mouse ears, my fake nerdy glasses, short sleeve button up, bowtie, possibly suspenders, semi short shorts, knee high tube socks, and either my chucks or my hi-tops.

**photo credits belong to google, or if anyone specific, let me know, thanks

Monday, October 5, 2009


Halloween is coming up and i have about 3 costume ideas...i just can't figure out which one i want to be.

1) Donnie Darko
i think donnie's costume is too simple and the only people who will get it is people who love the movie. He wears a simple skeleton jumpsuit with a pair of chucks and a grey hoodie over it. it's fairly cheap though.

2) Paulie Bleeker
Paulie Bleeker on the other hand, i'll have to buy the socks, shorts, shirt, wrist/head bands and it'll be about $30. Quite expensive.

3) Max the wolf from Where the Wild Things Are
The Max costume will definitely be really time consuming, i don't think it'll be expensive just that i don't know how to sew with a machine, so either i'll have my aunt help me or i'll hand sew the entire's a death wish for sure. But it's really cute. A furry jump suit with a hood and ears, finger-less gloves and a tail. Plus whiskers and a gold crown.

what do you guys think?