Sunday, September 6, 2009

the one day

yesterday i went to a friend's boyfriend's birthday gathering, being a filipino party there was definitely loads of food stocked up for the entire night and extra for take out. Filipino's really know how to have fun and party...maybe thats why they have so many parties to attend.

the one thing i notice with the filipino people i've met is that they are very committed to their partners. one guy we were talking to said before his boyfriend of 10 years, he was straight/bi and had a girlfriend of four years and even tried to have a baby together, how crazy that must be.

i kinda feel like they're lucky to have met someone they want to spend their life with...and i hope i'll find someone like that too.


Luuworld said...

if a boyfriend/partner is what you want in life, then he'll turn up at some point! just don't get all obsessed about it and forget to have fun while you wait :-D

dannie said...

haha it is something i would want but it's not my ultimate goal. i definitely am not waiting around for him to come, i'm attemping to have fun and enjoying my life as it is right now, you seem to know how to have fun no matter what.

thwany said...

i would love to go to a filipino party, and i'm sure you'll find the right person at the right time---it's not luck, it's fate.

Quan said...

he sounds like a great guy, I think it's very rare nowadays to find genuine men like that... but we gotta keep believing. :)

dannie said...

thwany - filipino parties are fun, but they keep making you eat eat eat and take home more to eat :]

quan - i think the same way...the great guys are either taken or hurt by not so great guys. DON'T STOP BELIEVING!!!!