Monday, August 31, 2009

it's cool to act ghetto

People who know me know that i generally hate people. i say that because looking back on the past, i've encountered many many bullies and mean people in my life. my cousins and my sister have been mean to me, first grade, 4th grade, 6th grade, middle school, and high school i've had to deal with someone being a bitch to me.

As i was walking towards my car after class, there was two middle school looking ghetto boys, one was on his bike, the other was walking, and i see the boy on the bike mugging me and as i walked by he said something in that ghetto deep tone, and his friend started to laugh. i didn't care to look back nor say anything because i couldn't even understand what he said.

but it annoyed me because i'm wondering why he chose me to be the victim of his "cool-ness." is it because i'm asian? and short? maybe...

i really wanna just drop him off in the ghetto and see how cool and ghetto they'll act then.

i should have hit him off his bike.


beejayaaron said...

I think sometimes, people lie in bed at night and think about the crap they did throughout the day and regret some of the bs they said or did.

Someday that kid will remember how he acted towards you and he's gonna feel like a dink.

Or he'll end up without a future. Either way, hooray!

letopho said...


I am also intemidated by middle school children

dannie said...

beejayaaron - karma will get him some day

letopho - i am not intimidated by middle school kids lol

J.T. said...

People do that because they feel so insecure with themselves. You did the right thing by ignoring them outright. Trust me, you made them feel a lot smaller by doing just that.

dannie said...

Thanks J.T. :] i really can careless about them.

Luuworld said...

haha, yeah, maybe you should have surprised yourself and hit him off his bike! wouldn't that be something!

middle school kids can be so obnoxious!

dannie said...

luu - i thought about it, but i'm kinda i don't like kids in general bec they're easily peer pressured.