Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm pmsing

It's so easy to just not talk to someone for awhile and then start to not care about them but right when they message you out of the blue, everything starts going back to the norm. my emotions is going up and down like a rollercoaster, but it feels really good to weed out the bad guys. it's hard because i have grown to like them and care for them but it's only a one way street.

from past history, i'm learning not to trust what people say to me. well, boys for that matter because a lot of them never follow through. so until their words are proven by their actions, i won't trust anyone.


Brian said...

You're supposed to elaborate after a semicolon :P

I think a lot of us find ourselves in that same position over and over and many don't ever learn to choose carefully when picking who to trust.

So.. good job :0)

dannie said...

ah...okay well i failed with the usage of the semicolon so i'm gonna edit that lol's like a 30 day trial with each person you meet.

thwany said...

follow your gut---your first reaction is probably always the best choice.

dannie said...

thwany - the gut always seems to know the right thing.