Thursday, August 13, 2009

Boys Boys Boys

Boys are trouble, i think it's best if i just stay on the sidelines for awhile and just observe how cute they are from a distance and leave it at that. It's been awhile since i last talked to the boy i feel as though i am only a necessity to him. I texted him a while back and never got any responses, i'm at the point where i don't really care anymore. i wish his move to LA would be in September like it was planned, but he's moving in October instead.

Luu's entry about a boy reminded me of a cute boy that i saw every morning for six weeks on my way to my summer class. I never had any reason or courage to just go up to the front desk and talk to him. But a week before class ended i really did have a question to ask him, but i ended up looking stupid because of my drying contacts and the fact that i lost my train of thought in the process.

Me: hi
Him: hello
Me: how do i uhhh....

(my contacts were drying so i was rubbing my eye, and probably looked stupid while doing so)

Me: transfer my units to another school?
Him: you need to fill out a request form for a transcript.
Me: oh...okay, thanks.

The next few days i tried to just make eye contact with him but it never worked. So i no longer see cute boy, and when i did have an encounter with him i looked stupid hahha


Luuworld said...

haha, it's cute how you say you'll just "stay on the sidelines for awhile and just observe how cute they are from a distance"

yeah...boys are trouble! it's a love/hate thing, though.but if you want more than a one nighter, you gotta be in it to win it, dannie boy!

dannie said...

lately it's more like a one sided kinda love thing haha. I'm glad school will be occupying my time soon, maybe i'll meet a better boy.

beejayaaron said...

Haha, your blogs are just as entertaining as your tweets.

dannie said...

thanks beejayaaron, i'm glad you think my blog is entertaining ^^