Friday, August 21, 2009

Be still my heart

Have you ever had to say goodbye to someone
despite how you felt about them?

I never really knew how hard it would be to do so. Feelings for them still linger but honestly they're not good for me. I have no idea why i kept up with them for so long, since I was a necessity to them. It was a one way street kind of relationship, where I was the only one who was stupid enough to fall for them. Even if they seem to be happy to be with you or based on the things they say. Seems like they're very skilled with their words to get what they want.

It is so much easier to just stop talking to someone and let this relationship die off on its own, rather then having to say goodbye to them. I woke up with a heavy feeling this morning, as if someone close to me had died. So i'm glad that school is starting next week, at least i'll have more important things to occupy my mind.

Until then...I will remain on the sidelines and continue admiring the boys from afar.

Sara Bareilles - Gravity

Love of Siam OST - Gun Lae Gun (Together)


Rob said...

It just takes time so those lingering feelings go away. It's best to "cleanse" oneself from people who just don't really care and enjoy a one way exchange.

dannie said...

You're so right on that, friends are a good way to keep your mind occupied.

thwany said...

time heals all wounds :)

Luuworld said...

what boy is this? are we talking about the white boy? anyway. saying goodbye is hard, i know! i hate doing it to people i care about. * bit hug*

keep calm and carry on! :-D

dannie said...

thwany - time is always good to us...or bad :]

luu- yeah, i said goodbye to white boy. it's very hard, but i had to do it. *hug :]

haha...yes yes...those 5 simple words really do come in handy