Saturday, July 11, 2009

SF Pride

Pride this year felt really empty and uneventful despite having so much to do in the city around and my friend were not able to enjoy it as much as we'd like to. Issues revolving around one friend ruined the weekend.

The Pink party was the first on our list, we ended up arriving way to early, the sun was still out, and me and my friend was stranded for the whole night. We stood in the middle of the street looking lost for two hours before we decided to grab some dinner and just chill at the hotel for the rest of the night.

We missed about an hour of the parade but it still went on for another two hours or so. We got bored and headed towards the civic center for the festivities.

The trio was supposed to dress up this year for pride, short shorts, knee high socks, and a baseball style Tee. Only two of us dressed up, because one of them flaked on us, and ditched us for his boyfriend. It was a waste of time running around with him trying to find his outfit, and he doesn't even wear it! But it was fun to dress up this year. We didn't really see much of anything besides aimlessly walking around, and sitting down for half the time in the grass. Didn't get to see or say hi to people i was expecting to see there. This year just wasn't as fun as the previous years.

“Missy gave me crabs!”

"Don't feel bad...i've got crabs too!"

“How did my friends convince me to share 2 lobsters with 3 people!”

Later that night, we had dinner at Joe's Crab Shack at the Pier. Everyone ordered a pot of sea food, while I ordered a breaded shrimp sandwich thing. They all got bibs, with silly messages on them written by our waitress. I was sad because i didn't get one myself, so i substituted one by using a napkin. The staff danced about every two hours just to heighten our experience as people dove into their food. They did a combination of the disco, some charlie brown, stomping around and spinning in circles.


thwany said...


Luuworld said...

aha! so that's what u look like!

ps- very cute outfit! :-D

dannie said...

thwany: it was alright :]

Luu: Yea...i thought it was time to have a picture of me. Those are not my glasses BTW. thank you :]

Luuworld said...

but they're very hip classes. you look cool wearing them!

dannie said...

Luu - thanks you, fake glasses really spice things up