Sunday, July 12, 2009

Scavenger Hunt

Via Amazon

When my mentor mentioned these Merona Rocca BROWN WingTips on clearance at Target for 19.98/13.98, I knew I had to try and find me a pair. Wingtips usually run about $140 to $200 a pair for a good pair. I searched through three targets last week with no luck in finding me a pair of these in a 7. Until I decided to try two more targets today, low and behold i found a pair at the first target I went to. I felt like a found the winning prize in a scavenger hunt, it felt unreal. I tried them on and they fit pretty good, theres about half an inch of extra room. I just hope I don't look like i'm wearing clown shoes.

I went to another Target to see if they had another pair, but no luck. I'm ready to take these out for a day or night out, sockless of course! since summer is taking over, i can't remember the last time i've worn socks with my shoes.


J.T. said...

hahaha... when I lived in LA, I never wore socks with my shoes. That's such a Cali thing... :-)

dannie said...

Is it really a Cali thing? I think i've seen others do it...maybe i'm wrong :]