Friday, June 12, 2009


I'm really frustrated with the lack of sleep i've been getting. i used to be able to lay in bed watch some tv and call it a night. hasn't been the case. I think my body is being aware of the fact that my sister gets off late from work, causes all this commotion with no consideration of the fact that it's 1 a.m. and than talks to my aunt through the wee hours of the night or morning.

it's been over a week now that i havn't been able to sleep at my usual 12 a.m. bed time. i've brought the issue up to them before, and they just think i'm a complete self centered bitch who can't understand. when they're the ones who have no consideration for the fact that i'm trying to sleep, and whenever they want me to be quiet, i am very good at it. so thats why i'm frustrated because i'm considerate of others, but they're defnitely not.

Occasionally i like to purposely give them a taste of their own medicine, but then they get pissed off at me for doing it. so they should understand why i would be mad too right? nope. this is a constant cycle of repetitive annoyance.

and this is why i am so good at being a cold heartless bitch because of the people i have dealt with, thank you much!
oh, but i am also nice, to those deserving of it that is :]

i really hate bitching on a blog. but i just had to get this out.


J.T. said...

well, i just read online that watching tv before you go to sleep disrupts your sleeping patterns, so maybe turning the tube off might help a little. also, maybe ear plugs might help. i know they work for some people. and maybe you could just stop being a BIATCH. that could help too. :-P

Luuworld said...

it's a pity they don't listen to your complaints. that sucks. try earplugs...?

and don't worry. life will get better. one day you'll have a place of your own and leave all that behind .-D

dannie said...

J.T.- really? i read somewhere that watching tv or something relaxing like reading a book would be helpful. I forgot about using ear plugs, i do have a bunch of them. And maybe i won't be such a BIATCH with more sleep =P

Luu - Yes, i'll try ear plugs, when it comes around. i really can't wait to move out to have my own silent sanctuary to go home to.

thwany said...

i've suffered from insomnia for most of my life. it's so frustrating and exhausting. unfortunately, i still suffer from it and wish i can give you some advice on what you can do to fall asleep.

dannie said...

aw..hope you find a way to deal with your insomnia :]