Thursday, June 25, 2009

i don't have DSL

Something occurred yesterday while i went to move my car while i was at work.

A guy across the street, called out to me, did the usual introductions, and shook hands.
He then asked me for money, which i denied of having. Then...he had the nerve to say...

"I bet you can put those lips to good use, i have a big dick."
I replied back with "" and began walking towards my car.

Who does that to someone they dont even know, seriously? people are major douches.

i burnt my thumbs while trying to move my car, due to the hot hot steering wheel under the hot hot sun :[


J.T. said...

wow, that's crazy... i didn't know you had big lips!!! (seriously, don't let that get you down, rude as it was. there are some people in the world you just have to pity.)

dannie said...

i don't have big lips...i'm not down, i just thought it was really rude, and some people don't deserve any pity :]

thwany said...

guys are assholes

Luuworld said...

what- you turned a perfectly good big dick down? i am very disappointed in you, young man! lol. just kidding.

some people are just rude (like the guy i met in the club..they should be locked up!)

dannie said...

thwany - yes they certainly are.

luu - a perfectly good big dick can be perfectly ugly bec. of the douchebag owner. =P