Saturday, June 20, 2009

Douchebag Hair

I know i've been victim of having douchebag hair myself. But when i saw this girl at the mall in San jaw dropped a little, and i might've even had the OMG face. I asked my friend to take that picture for me on her phone. Credit goes to popcoma.

Details Magazine's definition of douchebag hair might be a little different than how i interpret it...but they consider the "faux-hawks, carefully rendered spikes, grossly asymmetrical parts, tinted tips, and meticulously messed-up bed-heads makes it clear that we are living in the era of douchebag hair."

I just think there should be a limit to what you put your hair through. I bet it must've taken her an hour or burn it with a hair straightener, than mold it into it's shape with thick gooey stiffening hair product that takes forever to get out in the shower.

I wish i got a photo of her from the front. But her hair kinda looked like one of Cher's hairstyles, but at least her's was a wig.
- if this photo belongs to you please let me know so i can properly credit you.


Luuworld said...

i thought only men could be douchebags? !

anyway, that girl's hair looks like a lot of work. i've never thought that i-spent-hours-in-front-of-the-mirror-using-half-a-tube-of-gel-look was very sexy. sometimes it can pass if it's a girl, but for me, it's an extra turn of if a guy is too vain...

ps, good on your friend for taking the picture! :-D

dannie said...

hmm...idk. yes it sure is a lot of work. i like having low maintenance hair now. i agree with a guy being too vain = turn off. i like a guy who is put together well but it doesn't have to look like it took him hours to do it.

i thought my blog needed some imagery. been very text heavy.

Luuworld said...

yeah! effortless-chic is the way to go! (no one needs to know you spent ages achieving that look as long as it looks effortless & natural!)

dannie said...

thats such a huge turn on! rawrrrr