Monday, June 1, 2009

belly full of summer

Summer has barely started and it's starting to get busy.

This whole weekend i was in san jose, just hanging out with friend's and helping them move out. I hope we still hang out sometime...they're all leaving me since they've graduated already.

Then it was my friend's graduation, i gave him a candi lei, and watched him become a RN. Afterwards it was party time at his place, lots of drinking (not me of course) and hanging out.

On Saturday i got the call i've been waiting for. I got the internship yay!!! so i'll be pretty busy this summer with an internship, summer school and hanging with my boys.

In the next few weeks, San Jose Pride, San Francisco Pride, My Birthday Camping trip, more birthday's and parties to attend. I can't wait for all the outings i'll be attending.


thwany said...

i miss summer vacation during college. those were some of the best times of my life.

dannie said...

ahh...the luxory of having summer to look forward to during college, this'll be my last college summer :[

Luuworld said...

congrats on the internship! yay!

and boy, you better live life, and shake that booty at those parties.... lol

dannie said...

thanks luu ^^
yes this summer i am living life...i'm gonna shake it til i break it haha.