Tuesday, June 30, 2009

my friend talking about his car mods...

i gave it the wrong gas today

didnt realize it until i got home and looked at the receipt

i'm, such a dumbo

no wonder it felt so damn sluggish

i already gave it some implants ( a thicker sway bar)

when i think about it, i've upgraded it a lot

i gave her some new contacts (HIDS)

bought her a new bra (new underbrace)

widened up her anus (larger uncatted test pipe)

gave her a nose job so she could breathe better (intake)

and got her a body guard (my alarm)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

i don't have DSL

Something occurred yesterday while i went to move my car while i was at work.

A guy across the street, called out to me, did the usual introductions, and shook hands.
He then asked me for money, which i denied of having. Then...he had the nerve to say...

"I bet you can put those lips to good use, i have a big dick."
I replied back with "uhhh....no." and began walking towards my car.

Who does that to someone they dont even know, seriously? people are major douches.

i burnt my thumbs while trying to move my car, due to the hot hot steering wheel under the hot hot sun :[

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Douchebag Hair

I know i've been victim of having douchebag hair myself. But when i saw this girl at the mall in San Francisco...my jaw dropped a little, and i might've even had the OMG face. I asked my friend to take that picture for me on her phone. Credit goes to popcoma.

Details Magazine's definition of douchebag hair might be a little different than how i interpret it...but they consider the "faux-hawks, carefully rendered spikes, grossly asymmetrical parts, tinted tips, and meticulously messed-up bed-heads makes it clear that we are living in the era of douchebag hair."

I just think there should be a limit to what you put your hair through. I bet it must've taken her an hour or two...to burn it with a hair straightener, than mold it into it's shape with thick gooey stiffening hair product that takes forever to get out in the shower.

I wish i got a photo of her from the front. But her hair kinda looked like one of Cher's hairstyles, but at least her's was a wig.
- if this photo belongs to you please let me know so i can properly credit you.

Friday, June 12, 2009


I'm really frustrated with the lack of sleep i've been getting. i used to be able to lay in bed watch some tv and call it a night. lately...it hasn't been the case. I think my body is being aware of the fact that my sister gets off late from work, causes all this commotion with no consideration of the fact that it's 1 a.m. and than talks to my aunt through the wee hours of the night or morning.

it's been over a week now that i havn't been able to sleep at my usual 12 a.m. bed time. i've brought the issue up to them before, and they just think i'm a complete self centered bitch who can't understand. when they're the ones who have no consideration for the fact that i'm trying to sleep, and whenever they want me to be quiet, i am very good at it. so thats why i'm frustrated because i'm considerate of others, but they're defnitely not.

Occasionally i like to purposely give them a taste of their own medicine, but then they get pissed off at me for doing it. so they should understand why i would be mad too right? nope. this is a constant cycle of repetitive annoyance.

and this is why i am so good at being a cold heartless bitch because of the people i have dealt with, thank you much!
oh, but i am also nice, to those deserving of it that is :]

i really hate bitching on a blog. but i just had to get this out.

Monday, June 1, 2009

belly full of summer

Summer has barely started and it's starting to get busy.

This whole weekend i was in san jose, just hanging out with friend's and helping them move out. I hope we still hang out sometime...they're all leaving me since they've graduated already.

Then it was my friend's graduation, i gave him a candi lei, and watched him become a RN. Afterwards it was party time at his place, lots of drinking (not me of course) and hanging out.

On Saturday i got the call i've been waiting for. I got the internship yay!!! so i'll be pretty busy this summer with an internship, summer school and hanging with my boys.

In the next few weeks, San Jose Pride, San Francisco Pride, My Birthday Camping trip, more birthday's and parties to attend. I can't wait for all the outings i'll be attending.