Thursday, May 7, 2009

Season's change

there's a part of me that always feels lonely and longing to have someone. But it gets worse when comes the busiest time with school, and maybe the nice spring/summer weather coming. I don't know why, but possibly because i was born in the summer, maybe thats when my heart starts fluttering its wings faster than it normally does.

I noticed that whenever i do date someone or a relationship forms, summer lovin' is what i have, which ends when august/September comes around. Only once was it never just a summer love.

Like Letopho said about liking someone who's straight, in the closet, or someone who doesnt even feel the same way about you, i should stop it and not let this happen again. Kinda hard to do so, but maybe i'll start liking someone who's more worthy of my time and feelings later on, as of now, i'll most likely continue liking someone who doesn't return the favor back, to keep myself busy on top of going to school :]


J.T. said...

I think experiencing unrequited love is part of the process called life. Which of us hasn't pined after someone we couldn't have? As with all things in life, you have to learn from your experiences, not make the same mistakes and come out a stronger person in the end. Keep fighting, Dannie. Make sure you cultivate the friendships that will help you in your battles in life. :-)

dannie said...

i'm working on it ^^

Luuworld said...

i know all about unrequited love. you're not alone! :)


dannie said...

*hugg we should have an unrequited love convention where everyone just shows some love <333