Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm Unfriendly

The other day while i was out with my friends at a bar, some guy came up to talk to my friend who were then introduced to me. As we shook hands he gave me a weird look, and squeezed my hand harder, which triggered me to squeeze harder too. As he was talking to my friend, he kept giving me weird looks.

After the guy left, my friend said he thought i was unfriendly. It made me wonder how i act when i first meet people, and maybe my shyness and fear of people come across more than i've thought. So maybe i should try being more "friendly" towards people. Funny how one encounter can change your actions.

But the one thing i can't do is be able to mingle and talk to people i don't know. I wouldn't know what to say or bring up into a conversation, instead there's silence and the end of a meeting.


letopho said...

sometimes I fart when I meet new people...

It releases the tension.

Luuworld said...

i think you're normal! a lot of people feel this way about meeting people for the first time.

i used to hate talking to strangers, but i have to do it all the time because of my job, and now it just comes naturally, and i enjoy it. so part of it is practice, i think.

and also: i'm very shy at parties, but in these situations, alcohol always comes to the rescue. and if you're extra lucky, your inner superhero emerges! lol

dannie said...

letopho: it may also clear the crowd =P

Luu: yeah i think you're right on that. Practice makes perfect. I don't really drink so i can't use alcohol as an outlet to be more social, hopefully my inner superhero emerges, and not the inner sex-superhero

thwany said...

it's ok. life's a bitch, so you became one =)

dannie said...

hahaha great way to put it :]