Monday, April 6, 2009

Nothing's new!

I've been feeling a bit lonely lately, that's nothing new.

My two friends have been having boy problems and it makes me a bit happy that i don't have to deal with that mess too. It sucks how guy's are not up front with their feelings all the time, you would think since two guy's would understand each other better? Not at all, my friend was dating someone for three months, and he asks the boy where they're at, and the boy tells him that he's not ready for another relationship because he just got out of a six year relationship.

My other friend who's been hanging out with this guy for about a month now, he's met his family, friends but all they do is hang out at the guy's place. So he's not sure where they're going with this either.

Also hearing about other people going through break ups, bf's cheating confusing straight guys. Gay life is so complicated its like a never ending rollercoaster.


J.T. said...


Life is as simple or as complicated as you make it to be. I think the tendency is to overthink and overanalayze and become overly dramatic when you're younger. As you get older, you get wiser (hopefully) and you realize that so many things are just not a big deal.

Make sure you are healthy physically, mentally and spiritually. Do it for yourself primarily. You attract a lot more guys when you look and feel good about yourself.

David said...


just read through your blog. you seem like a cool guy so hi! XD

and yeah seriously... straight guys who are confusing and send mixed messages! WTF right?

dannie said...

J.T. you're very inciteful i enjoy hearing what you have to say. I've talked to a friend before about loving yourself first before you can love another and it goes the same way with feeling good about yourself.

David, thanks for reading through my blog, straight guys are probably sending mixed messages because they're confused =P

Luuworld said...

gay life can be complicated, yes. but so is life in general. i agree with jt, though: it's as simple or complicated as you make it to be.

concentrate on the simple and and fun parts of life if you can! makes it all easier :)

Joey said...

thanks for the comment.

I agree with JT as well. Stress is definitely what we make of it.

dannie said...

my gosh....i seem to make my life very comlicated than. i stress out way too much.

thanks a lot for the words of wisdom J.T., Luu, and Joey :]