Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ideas for a new project

We have a new project for class by creating an installation art piece on a visual pun. I can't think creatively for the life of anyone have any suggestions?

i was thinking of...
a murder of crows
an army of ants

but i don't know if those are visual puns, visual satire, bisociation, or visual merging.

during class i've thought of other words to play off of.
such as:
cockpit - as in a pit of penis' or maybe roosters?
cereal killer
redlight district - a district with actual red lights, not prostitutes
secondhand smoke - not cigarettes, but a secondhand on fire.
flower pot - a cooking pot with flowers in it
fairy tail - a fairy with a tail
firefly - a fly on fire
timeshare - sharing minutes/time
potbelly - a person with a pot on his belly
plastic surgery - doing procedures on plastic objects

not sure about these two though...

couch potato
bloody romance


J.T. said...

interesting assignment... i read online a bit about visual merging and bisociation and visual puns... i'm not sure I am fully grasping the subtle differences among them, but I think the first two examples you've given would be visual puns if drawn (for example) the correct way.

For example, a picture of a bunch of ants dressed in sailors' uniforms talk to each other. The caption underneath could read: "But what do we call ourselves?"

The humor is derived from the fact that the ants are in the navy, which means they can't very well call themselves an army of ants while "a navy of ants" sounds awkward even to the ants.

The way I understand it is you have two obviously different forms (in my example, ants and sailors) being humorously combined.

Of course, because this is installation art, my example may not lend itself so easily to an exhibit, but at least you have the idea.

dannie said...

J.T. you're so creative! i totally pictured what you were saying, it would look cool, but will definitely be difficult to muster up a group of ants made by hand. unless you'd like to fly over here and help!

J.T. said...

hey Dannie,

thanks! I don't think I'm that creative, but thanks anyway. Of the examples you gave, the one that struck me was "cereal killer". You could have a whole array of different boxes of cereal being gunned down by a figure with a gun.

I think it would be a strong image, given the number of crazy mass killings we've been seeing lately. It also speaks to the destruction of youth and innocence, the time when we used to enjoy those cereals.

I think the cereal boxes would be easy enough to conjure up. The hard part would be the killer figure. (If I were your BF in Cali, this is the type of thing, I'd help you with in a second!)

dannie said...

hey J.T.

you're welcome. oh.....nice idea again so you're saying..since you're not my BF nor are you in Cali, then there's no chance you'll help hahh. well too late you already did :]

J.T. said...

I've always wished I could have been born with creative hands. In first grade, we had to make paper jack o lanterns and I made such a piece of crap I started crying in class. Since then, I knew I had no artistic talent. Today, I tried to draw a car on the board, and couldn't do it. Pathetic.

Take a picture of your installation. You don't have to do cereal killer, but I'd be really interested to see what you turned out. I do think ants in sailor uniforms would have been visually striking (ants can be kind of gruesome looking).

dannie said...

aww it's ok J.T. you can at least think creatively and visualize things. Maybe try not to draw again =]

those two are strong concepts maybe because you helped me visualize how it would look. i'm going to talk to people and see what they think. <3

J.T. said...

i'm so glad you posted this blog! if you ever have similar assignments in the future, let me know! I'd love to brainstorm with you!

dannie said...

i have another assignment after this, i'll definitely post it up when it comes around. i knew someone would come in handy in times of my mushy brain time :]