Friday, March 6, 2009


I can't decide which pair of Bass shoes i want to get, they're so different. Please share your opinions Thank you.

1. Men's Bass Layton

2. Men's Bass Larson


J.T. said...

It depends on what you're getting the shoe for. The first one is definitely dressier, and arguably, more versatile. I could see someone wearing it with a suit, but also with jeans (if a jacket were worn as well). The second one is clearly more casual. I don't think I would wear a loafer with a suit, but I have seen people do it. In my opinion, it makes the suit look cheaper. When wearing a suit, your shoes can never be expensive enough.

dannie said...

i definitely want something more versatile. thanks for your opinion, i knew you'd come in handy =P

Luuworld said...

sorry, im kind of clueless when it comes to shoes like that. but of the two- i like the last one best. probably because it seems like the most versatile.

happy shoe shopping!

dannie said...

Thanks Luu, lol i bought the first one =X i'll try them on to see how they look.