Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I generally dislike people

All my life i've encountered people who do stuff towards me for no reason at all, and i'm sure it goes for everyone too, but it feels as though it's occurred to me all the time. What really pissed me off on monday was when i was on the phone with my friend, waiting at the corner to cross the street, a black guy stands next to me, and begins to mimic what i was saying while looking at me. It wasn't the fact that he copied what i said, but he copied how i speak, and he did it twice.

I just don't get why people feel the need to do something like that. If i knew the person i wouldn't really care, probably bitch them out maybe, but the reason he was a stranger and didn't know me. People are just stupid, and that is why i generally don't like people.

When i was younger, i was picked on by my cousins. I had a best friend in 3rd grade and i was ditched by him in 6th grade for a whole year and hung out with a new kid, and that whole year the new kid picked on me, stole my calculater and lied about not having it when i saw it in his desk. Then towards the end of 6th grade my best friend came back. I was picked on in middle school, and also high school.

So yea, that is why i look like a bitch or as though i'm mad, because i don't want to deal with stupid people. i know its not a great way to live, but it works for me so far. people have mentioned that i do look mad when i'm alone...there's just no reason to smile or be joyous when you're alone.

I'm not that mean, if you get to know me...well maybe a little, since it's all i've encountered.

i'm not mad anymore, just annoyed. :]


J.T. said...

awww Dannie,

I wasn't picked on as much as you, but I had my share and also have had people mimic me the way you described. With age and accomplishment, you become more secure in who you are. Always work on putting forward a bright, happy face. First impressions do count for a lot. People can be fickle and they go their own ways. I had a good buddy last year who, after he bought his first condo and got a BF, totally dumped me. I was sad at first, but laughed it off. You can't let yourself get too frustrated by these things. You can only become a better person and make the OTHER guy regret what a loser he was for dumping you in the first place. :-)

dannie said...

Thanks J.T. i do attempt to be happy but that's just a strange emotion for me lol unless i know the person then it's another story.

people should really keep their friends close, despite having a bf or gf. I'm sure you've made better friends along the way :]

J.T. said...

Unfortunately, no... I kind of do miss that buddy. We loved watching movies together and eating together and there was no sexual tension or garbage. He was a solid friend. Hard to come by these days...

dannie said...

aww, sorry to hear that. solid friends are truly hard to come by these days.

Luuworld said...

dannie: there are lots of nasty people out there, but that doesn't mean everyone's an asshole. please don't lose your faith in people, that'll just make your life difficult. I understand why you put on this angry mask, but at the same time it makes me a bit sad. i wish i could hug you and tell you the world is a brilliant place. (ooops. sorry for sounding like a born-again christian!)

jt: what a horrible friend! that's a nasty thing to do- to dump your friend like that just because you're in a relationship. i value loyalty (and manners) a lot- and that's just unforgivable. he showed his true face, i guess. you don't need "friends" like that. seriously.

dannie said...

Luu: aww thanks for the hug :] lol born again christian...are you trying to convert me?