Friday, March 27, 2009

Hello Spring...

I think my Spring Break started off with a Bang. Friday went to the International Secret Agents concert in San Francisco. Then went downhill with drama with my Aunt. It started to pick up again, so overall it evened out.

This break came at the best time ever. I was overwhelmed with school, graphic design and life in general. Not that i've got my shit together fully, but i can say that it's helped me come to terms with things. I've realized that Graphic Design isn't where my heart is fully at, there are so many things i wanna dive into, which is probably why i'm not motivated or driven to do well in. The whole corporate type of work is definitely not for me, i've tried it, and its not working. I really enjoy the more hands on type of stuff, and it's always what i've wanted to do to begin with. So this summer i'll probably learn silk screening, develop my plushies and possibly do some painting.

Since there's so much i want to do or even try, thats where i've always gotten lost and confused. I have too many things i want to do that it's chaos in my mind, trying to narrow everything down to one specific thing.

Some of my friends feel as though i'm no fun anymore because i've lost interest in the club scene. I look at it is, growing up. It's the same thing every night that it isn't appealing anymore. Drinking was never anything i enjoyed and can't handle anyways. So i think those friends aren't really expanding on what we can do as friends besides hanging out at the club since i've suggested doing other things besides going out to the club.


J.T. said...

Start a new toy plushie line!!! I will help you come up with cute, cute, designs and we can sell them for $10 each!

Do what you love Dannie! Follow your heart!

dannie said...

Thanks J.T. i'm trying to follow my heart. I can use all the help i need :]

Luuworld said...

find new friends who aren't into clubbing! :)
and about finding out what to do: you'll figure it out. just give it some time.

dannie said...

Luu, i just might have to do that, kinda sad.