Monday, February 23, 2009

I've been a bad boy...

in more ways than one. I'm really not focused at all with my Graphic Design class. Been working on my crochet instead. I havn't blogged in a while...don't really know what to say.

I went to Coyote Hills Regional Park on friday to take pictures. anyone want to see those? i'll post them up if so.
Now people can find where the park is and stalk me if they wanted to =P

Sorry i don't have any exciting stories to provide with the photos.

I've been looking at phones online to buy, no such luck yet.
I'm also waiting for march to arrive so i can buy shoes.

I'm still alive if anyone was wondering....probably no one.


J.T. said...

Post the pics!! And why do you have to wait until March to buy shoes?

Are you going to crochet me a jacket for my birthday too? :-)

I'm glad you're still alive... :-)

dannie said...

My mom has a superstition on buying shoes during Chinese New Year, she thinks it's badluck. so I have to wait until March.

No i won't crochet you a jacket. I'll have to measure you =P and i don't know how to crochet a jacket.

Thanks JT at least someone's glad to know i'm alive :]

J.T. said...

uh...i'm somewhere between a 36 and 38 short... :-P

dannie said...

pics are up!

thanks for the measurements, i'm still not crocheting you a jacket. i only know how to make flat 1 dimensional things. and a crochet jacket would look ugly, maybe a cardigan. =P

J.T. said...

I guess you could crochet me a handkerchief then. I'd think of you every time I blew my nose into it! :-) I love the pics! It looks like a great place to get away and do some thinking, get some fresh air. The orange flower pic is very well done.

Luuworld said...

i'm glad you're alive too! :-D

nice pics. refreshing to see landscape that isn't covered in snow!

dannie said...

JT: lol sweet? to be thought of everytime you blow your nose into something i made... what color do u want? yeah it's a nice place to get away, and get some exercise.

Luu: Thanks Luu!! i like your snow pictures. I guess i can't be tired of it since i'm not surrounded by it.

thwany said...

love the photos. more please.

dannie said...

Thwany: Thanks, i'll eventually post more as i take more :]