Sunday, February 8, 2009

District sleeps alone tonight

I parked in front of his place, and i could see his silhouette against the porch light as he waited for me to walk towards him. It was a bit silent at first as it was the second time we've only met. The first time being extremely awkward and silent. I was shivering from the cold as I sat on his bed, while watching him put in the movie 'Seven Pounds.' 

He went to shower during the first few minutes of the film as I sat there confused as to what occurred in the beginning of the film. He walked back into the room, in Pj's and we climbed under the covers to get warmed up. Arms and limbs soon began to tangle within each other as we cuddled up during the film. After a while he began to snore lightly and twitch from time to time, as I continued to stare at the television falling in and out of sleep.

He woke up when the film ended, he turned off the television, and our limbs began to intertwine again, while trying to stay warm. Sleep evidently took over us and we fell asleep while spooning.


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that's nice! u got a cuddly/spoony friend :-D