Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cuddly warmth

JT picked me up on friday at 10 pm, he arrived on time and we headed down to San Jose for Hunters and also picked his friend up along the way. We went straight to the bar when we got to the club. I nursed on a Midori Sour for a while because the bartender made my drink too strong, and I had a good buzz going for half the night.

We ended up spending most of the night with JT's friends. It was a bit awkward since i'm so introverted when it comes to social gatherings, especially without my friends.

Later on during the night, JT kissed one of the guys there and kissed him again before we left. He asked if I was mad, and I said no because I had no reason to be mad about that. 

Durng the drive home, JT was still buzzing and all I could do was hope we got home safely. He asked me again if I was mad at him and i said no, but I told him he was going to clean his mouth out when we got back to his place.

We arrived safely back at his place, washed up and got ready for bed.
We cuddled up under the covers and kept each other warm during the night.

The cuddling was much needed, as I was feeling kinda lonely during the week.


J.T. said...

Are you saying I'm not the only JT in your life right now??!!??

I love whisky sours myself. The Midoris seem like apple drinks and I end up drinking ten of them before realizing I am trashed.

Glad you got to cuddle with someone...

dannie said...

You're not the only JT in my life, sorry to disappoint :[

I can only have one drink and i'm good for the night, and Midori's are right for me.

Hope you get some cuddle-time soon :]

letopho said...

who is this BOYYYY!?!!!

dannie said...

why, are you jealous? you have a cuddle buddy! ahaha

thwany said...

is this guy your bf? because if he is and was kissing another guy, that's not very cool at all.

dannie said...

nah he's not my bf, otherwise i wouldn't have allowed him to kiss someone else. That would so not be cool at all.

Luuworld said...

interesting evening indeed! glad it ended on a good note with some cuddling! :-D