Monday, January 26, 2009

Year of the Ox

I just read up on an overview for my chinese astrological sign the tiger. It said i would face a few challenges this year and will have to focus my time into stuff. It seems about right, i'm taking intermediate graphic design, and it's something i need to focus on, improve and do well in, so i can hopefully get into the BFA graphic design program.

The overview also said that i would encounter stress and i know where all the stress will come from. I should also watch my spending habits this year.

A positive thing is, I would have a good year when it comes to relationships, and i'm hoping it comes true. if not oh well, i have other things to focus on.


J.T. said...

Tiger?!?! That makes you.... a baby!!!! :-)

Good luck with everything this year. I hope you find someone who loves you...

Luuworld said...

if it's a good year for relationships, maybe it means you'll get that cuddler guy to stick around? :-d