Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wrong guy

The strangest thing happened today, and i hope i clearly write it up, because it's all confusing to me too. This morning i received a text message from someone...

"How is it going"

I was confused because I didn't recognize the number. So i texted back...

"Going good. Who is this btw sorry don't recognize this number"
"*insert name here* a4a we chat b4"

My mind immediately goes to JT the guy I went on a date with, who I saw at the club, and later told me he had a boyfriend now.

"Oh yea sorry. whats up"
"lol i see. i'm still in bed so tired"
"2morow is ok u relax n take it easy text me your profile name again"
"tomorrow is ok? what's tomorrow? i'm confused"
"if u wanna meet?"
"What happened to the bf"
"Single not looking u"
"What did you want to do?"
--no response so i text again--
"Just confused, what happened? are you ok?"
"hm is you ok?"
"Yeah when can we meet? where are you?"
"Im in SJ right now. Maybe later?"
"Ok see you soon"
"Okay, What did you want to do?"
"Anything safe"

His response back, had me even more confused because I thought he had a boyfriend, and there was no way I was gonna mess around with him after what happened the first time.

"Lol hang out? watch a movie? idk"
"Any kind"
"Okay, where shall we meet?"

So the rest of the messages I kept thinking it was the JT i went on a date with.

Later after running my quick errands, i decided to call him, since he was slow in responding back. JT answers after several rings...

"Hey...Whats up?"
"Nothing, just finished some errands, what about you?"
"blah blah blah"
"Do you still want to hang out?"

blah blah blah

"Can you text me directions from SJ to your place"

So we hung out today, nothing out of the ordinary. I arrived at his place, and then he told me we're gonna go to the Silicon Valley Auto show, and I was JUST in SJ.

After the show, we were hungry so we went to this Indian Buffet. On the car ride we just talked about guys and guy issues.
During dinner we talked, and he brought this up in the conversation...

"I didn't think i'd hear from you again?"
"Because I thought you were mad at me, when I told you I have a Boyfriend now"
"Oh...I was...but i'm over it now"

Then this is when the conversation starts getting wierd...

I told him that he texted me this morning, and he argues his point and said that he never texted me today and that he was surprised I was calling him and wasn't sure if he wanted to answer the phone, which is why it took him so long to answer it.

So I checked my phone and I realized that I had two guys with the same name in my phone, and I made a silly mistake and I immediately changed one of the guy's names so that won't happen again.

The night ended up being wierd, funny, and interesting.

We ended the night back at his place, finished up the movie MAMA MIA and then I left afterwards.

So i accidently flaked on this other guy without knowing it. But my day went rather well anyways, and JT didn't seem to mind at all, he even thought it was funny.

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