Monday, January 5, 2009

There's this guy

I been hanging out with for about 3 months now. It's usually unplanned, and we usually just text each other back and forth, and sometimes he'll ask me if i want to come over. He works late and gets off work at 1:30am and gets home by 2:00 am.

It was early friday morning, and i arrived at his place a little before 2.
As I was walking to the front door, I see him walking out, with his dog, doing the usual routine of taking the dog out to do it's business.

There was some small talk as usual...

"How was work?"
"blah blah blah"


Afterwards we went inside, up the elevator, down the hall to his apartment.
I took off my shoes as usual, and went straight to his bedroom to set my stuff down.

We hung out as usual...watched tv, made small talk, then went to bed...

This time was different though...

"What have you been doing on break?"
"Nothing, just hanging out, i've been running though."
"Yea, i need to start on that too..."
blah blah blah
"I need to start studying graphic design"
"I been meaning to read more too."

I sat on his bed waiting, not sure what he had planned. After he got out of the bathroom, he walked into the living room, and started his laptop up.

So i sat next to him...

"I'm gonna finish up this episode of Inuyasha"
"Okay, it finally finished downloading?"
blah blah blah...

"Do you watch this?"

He began to explain to me about the characters...

we watched the rest of the episode, and as i looked around his apartment i noticed something new, leaning against a wall.
He had a Family Guy poster now, but i never brought that up.

It was silent for the most part while he finished watching his anime...
once it was finished...

"Lets go to bed"

I didn't even say good night this time...
we both climbed into bed and a few minutes pass, until he puts his arm around me, and i try to get closer to him. After awhile, he lets go, and gets comfortable as he tried to go to sleep, and so did i.

The next morning, he rolled over to my side, and he rubbed my stomach.

He got out of bed, got dressed and went out into the living room.
It was about 12:00 in the afternoon by then.

I took that as my queue, i changed into my jeans, went to wash up, grab my things and headed outside.
He came over to me, as i said Bye.

We hugged...

"Drive safely"
"okay, have a good day"

I texted him the next day...(Saturday)
"Hey, it was good seeing you, have a good day"

no reply yet...i hope this won't be the last time i see him.

Sometimes i get these feelings, that tell me things...maybe they tell me a little too late though.
I should try and communicate with him more, if i have the chance to see him again that is.

Those feelings...lead to my dream i had this morning...

It didn't take place at his place...not sure where...because he only has one bedroom. But i was there, and i found a lot of stuff that i forgot, my jeans, phone etc. and he was showing me these stuffed animals for some reason...


letopho said...

Definitely NOT platonic cuddling!

Luuworld said...

so are you into this guy- like do you want him to be your "special friend"? (LOL)

if u do, maybe you should try hooking up during the day and see where it leads?

ps, very fascinating dream. wonder what it means

dannie said...

I am into this guy, don't know if i want him to be my "special friend" haha. We might just be cuddle buddies, nothing more.

the dream was my subconscious mind satisfying my feelings in a wierd way to help me sleep :]

moAny said...

sounds like just a cuddle buddy. the best of cuddle buddies also have really good bed talk.