Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Random Gmail chat

me: wtf...my chest hurts
like i have gas or something
 heart burn?
K: hahaha
      i think thats it
me: ew
K: hahaha
      tum tum tum tum
me: lol
      or pepcid AC
      ur not supposed to have heart burn
      you're asian
      u aint white
me: lol
K: maybe your heart is burning for white boy
me: ew
K: dont ew
      u want him
      he's mature
      good looking
me: hhaha that's the cheesiest thing ever
K: and holds you tight
      when he sleeps
me: no he actually doesn't hold me tight
K: for fear he'd suffocate you thats why
me: lol!
K: but he holds you (once in a while)
me: you sound like you were watching or something
 K: i know how these things work
       when you sleep together
       you dont just turn away from each other
       the whole night and sleep thats for when you're 40


J.T. said...

lmao... i'll be 40 in a few months and i certainly don't want to turn away and sleep for the rest of the night...

dannie said...

Let's hope not, keep the cuddling and more going. don't stop just because you've hit a certain age.

Luuworld said...

who's this mystery cuddler? details, please! :-D

dannie said...

the mystery cuddler is the guy i've been talking about in recent entries tagged "late bird" =P