Friday, January 30, 2009

Something random

I always thought I never snored. But the other night i heard myself snore, and woke up confused.

I had two dreams earlier this morning, it was special Halloween episodes of Will & Grace that never aired. Only I got to see my head.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Watch as David Choi and his friends go crazy lmao!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Year of the Ox

I just read up on an overview for my chinese astrological sign the tiger. It said i would face a few challenges this year and will have to focus my time into stuff. It seems about right, i'm taking intermediate graphic design, and it's something i need to focus on, improve and do well in, so i can hopefully get into the BFA graphic design program.

The overview also said that i would encounter stress and i know where all the stress will come from. I should also watch my spending habits this year.

A positive thing is, I would have a good year when it comes to relationships, and i'm hoping it comes true. if not oh well, i have other things to focus on.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spring fashion

As Spring is coming closer and closer, i'm starting to attempt to dress for the season. I've been using my GQ magazine, websites and friend's tips or whatever on the latest things for this coming up season.

I went shopping last week with my friend in San Francisco and got some things I was searching for. I bought a red/white gingham print shirt and a grey vest hoodie at H&M. I'm almost ready for spring, I ordered a faux-leather jacket, hopefully it fits me. I'm still on the look out for Sperry's, Wingtip shoes (nevermind, didn't realize Wingtips were so expensive) or something along that line to wear when it rains and also a trench coat.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Random Gmail chat

me: chest hurts
like i have gas or something
 heart burn?
K: hahaha
      i think thats it
me: ew
K: hahaha
      tum tum tum tum
me: lol
      or pepcid AC
      ur not supposed to have heart burn
      you're asian
      u aint white
me: lol
K: maybe your heart is burning for white boy
me: ew
K: dont ew
      u want him
      he's mature
      good looking
me: hhaha that's the cheesiest thing ever
K: and holds you tight
      when he sleeps
me: no he actually doesn't hold me tight
K: for fear he'd suffocate you thats why
me: lol!
K: but he holds you (once in a while)
me: you sound like you were watching or something
 K: i know how these things work
       when you sleep together
       you dont just turn away from each other
       the whole night and sleep thats for when you're 40

Monday, January 12, 2009

My heart's a mess

"You're cute when you're asleep"
I miss looking over and seeing him sleeping.

I'm trying to be as optimistic as possible, at least the guy is responding to my text messages i'm smiling like a school girl again.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wrong guy

The strangest thing happened today, and i hope i clearly write it up, because it's all confusing to me too. This morning i received a text message from someone...

"How is it going"

I was confused because I didn't recognize the number. So i texted back...

"Going good. Who is this btw sorry don't recognize this number"
"*insert name here* a4a we chat b4"

My mind immediately goes to JT the guy I went on a date with, who I saw at the club, and later told me he had a boyfriend now.

"Oh yea sorry. whats up"
"lol i see. i'm still in bed so tired"
"2morow is ok u relax n take it easy text me your profile name again"
"tomorrow is ok? what's tomorrow? i'm confused"
"if u wanna meet?"
"What happened to the bf"
"Single not looking u"
"What did you want to do?"
--no response so i text again--
"Just confused, what happened? are you ok?"
"hm is you ok?"
"Yeah when can we meet? where are you?"
"Im in SJ right now. Maybe later?"
"Ok see you soon"
"Okay, What did you want to do?"
"Anything safe"

His response back, had me even more confused because I thought he had a boyfriend, and there was no way I was gonna mess around with him after what happened the first time.

"Lol hang out? watch a movie? idk"
"Any kind"
"Okay, where shall we meet?"

So the rest of the messages I kept thinking it was the JT i went on a date with.

Later after running my quick errands, i decided to call him, since he was slow in responding back. JT answers after several rings...

"Hey...Whats up?"
"Nothing, just finished some errands, what about you?"
"blah blah blah"
"Do you still want to hang out?"

blah blah blah

"Can you text me directions from SJ to your place"

So we hung out today, nothing out of the ordinary. I arrived at his place, and then he told me we're gonna go to the Silicon Valley Auto show, and I was JUST in SJ.

After the show, we were hungry so we went to this Indian Buffet. On the car ride we just talked about guys and guy issues.
During dinner we talked, and he brought this up in the conversation...

"I didn't think i'd hear from you again?"
"Because I thought you were mad at me, when I told you I have a Boyfriend now"
"Oh...I was...but i'm over it now"

Then this is when the conversation starts getting wierd...

I told him that he texted me this morning, and he argues his point and said that he never texted me today and that he was surprised I was calling him and wasn't sure if he wanted to answer the phone, which is why it took him so long to answer it.

So I checked my phone and I realized that I had two guys with the same name in my phone, and I made a silly mistake and I immediately changed one of the guy's names so that won't happen again.

The night ended up being wierd, funny, and interesting.

We ended the night back at his place, finished up the movie MAMA MIA and then I left afterwards.

So i accidently flaked on this other guy without knowing it. But my day went rather well anyways, and JT didn't seem to mind at all, he even thought it was funny.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I had a weird random dream

I was invited to a dinner by someone I don't really know and Jin (tha mc) was invited too. I rode my bike to the guy's house to change. I rode by his place several times, before I went up to his floor. I walked by his place, noticing his front door was open, I walked by several times again, each time i didn't get a glimpse of him. The next time I walked by I saw my friend's little cousin.

"You can come in and change." She replied.

The guy appeared, and didn't look too happy to see me. But he said I can change but I had to leave. His apartment looked completely different than how it really does appear. The complex looks rundown, his actual apartment has a different set up. His bed was now in the living room, when i walked into his bedroom, the door couldn't close because there was 4-5 twin sized beds and two guys were sleeping. The guy was mad because I could have woken them up. So I quickly got dressed, thanked him and left.

On the way to lunch I received a text message from Jin

"I can go :(" (don't know why he added the sad face though)

I went to get clams and oysters for lunch and i rode my bike across the street struggling with a plate of rolling clams and oysters. I had to jump off my bike to save my lunch, which caused one of my clams to fall to the ground. I ran across the street, and forgot my bike on the other side. When I was waiting to cross the street to get my bike, I saw a black guy pick it up, and rode it across the street and rode off with it. I saw another guy on a bike go after him. Then I start running after him, and I the only way I could stop him was throw my food at him. So i'm running and throwing my clams and oysters at the guy who stole my bike, and I've only missed him by a few inches, when he finally decides to stop. The black guy was surprised I chased after him.

"Are you going to keep your hair short, or grow it out like me?" (the black guy asked me)
"Keep it short"

The guy that chased after the black guy came over, gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek. I looked up and he looked like the guy I wrote about in my last two entries, only he had his ears pierced.

"I'll give you a call after dinner" I told him before I rode off with my bike.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I worry

for nothing. I texted the guy earlier today, and he replied back.

I really am a woman in that sense, according to my friend.

"I texted him Saturday, and he hasn't texted me back. So it's his turn to text me."
"You know, you're like a female. Only girls do that."
"Yeah i guess, but i'm trying not to be clingy, I'll give it a few days and text him again"

I'm a Cancer, and i really am what a Cancer is described to be. I'm emotional, i hide in my shell, the cancer is a water sign and it is a feminine energy.

I worry too much, my gut lied to me this time and i was prepared to move on and be okay like I always am.

We'll just have to see how things go.

Monday, January 5, 2009

There's this guy

I been hanging out with for about 3 months now. It's usually unplanned, and we usually just text each other back and forth, and sometimes he'll ask me if i want to come over. He works late and gets off work at 1:30am and gets home by 2:00 am.

It was early friday morning, and i arrived at his place a little before 2.
As I was walking to the front door, I see him walking out, with his dog, doing the usual routine of taking the dog out to do it's business.

There was some small talk as usual...

"How was work?"
"blah blah blah"


Afterwards we went inside, up the elevator, down the hall to his apartment.
I took off my shoes as usual, and went straight to his bedroom to set my stuff down.

We hung out as usual...watched tv, made small talk, then went to bed...

This time was different though...

"What have you been doing on break?"
"Nothing, just hanging out, i've been running though."
"Yea, i need to start on that too..."
blah blah blah
"I need to start studying graphic design"
"I been meaning to read more too."

I sat on his bed waiting, not sure what he had planned. After he got out of the bathroom, he walked into the living room, and started his laptop up.

So i sat next to him...

"I'm gonna finish up this episode of Inuyasha"
"Okay, it finally finished downloading?"
blah blah blah...

"Do you watch this?"

He began to explain to me about the characters...

we watched the rest of the episode, and as i looked around his apartment i noticed something new, leaning against a wall.
He had a Family Guy poster now, but i never brought that up.

It was silent for the most part while he finished watching his anime...
once it was finished...

"Lets go to bed"

I didn't even say good night this time...
we both climbed into bed and a few minutes pass, until he puts his arm around me, and i try to get closer to him. After awhile, he lets go, and gets comfortable as he tried to go to sleep, and so did i.

The next morning, he rolled over to my side, and he rubbed my stomach.

He got out of bed, got dressed and went out into the living room.
It was about 12:00 in the afternoon by then.

I took that as my queue, i changed into my jeans, went to wash up, grab my things and headed outside.
He came over to me, as i said Bye.

We hugged...

"Drive safely"
"okay, have a good day"

I texted him the next day...(Saturday)
"Hey, it was good seeing you, have a good day"

no reply yet...i hope this won't be the last time i see him.

Sometimes i get these feelings, that tell me things...maybe they tell me a little too late though.
I should try and communicate with him more, if i have the chance to see him again that is.

Those feelings...lead to my dream i had this morning...

It didn't take place at his place...not sure where...because he only has one bedroom. But i was there, and i found a lot of stuff that i forgot, my jeans, phone etc. and he was showing me these stuffed animals for some reason...