Saturday, October 25, 2008

i didn't care...but i lied.

I've said that i stopped caring about my skin i lied. It just hasn't been my priority since school has been so hectic. But nothing seems to work for my stubborn skin. I'm still breaking out, even tho i wash my face and all that regimen ish. I feel dirty therefore my mood is down like i'm pmsing. blah blah...nothing works for me.

i'm jealous of people who naturally have good skin, who don't have to worry about skin issues like acne. and I seriously HATE people who complain or freak out over one pimple. Don't tell me about it and expect me to give you pity or feel bad for you, because i'm used to seeing that ugly stuff on my face, not just one but many!

I'm done ranting...probably just my stress hitting the fan. Back to studying :]