Wednesday, September 10, 2008


i really don't understand why i seem to get the crazy people. I just met this guy online a few days ago...i gave him my number cuz he kept bothering me for it and getting butt hurt over it. (maybe that was a hint to just ignore him). We've talked on the phone a few times, he calls me like 3 times a day or texts me occasionally. He's acting like we're together or something even though we've never met, acting hurt and being passive when he doesn't get his way. He asked me to hang out and then asked me to go to Reno with him and his friends. But i can't because it's my friends birthday on the day he's leaving, so he's being emo over something in which he shouldn't be. i really don't need anymore issues as i have a plateful with school work. why is it that guys come into my life when it isn't necessary. life works in such mysterious ways.

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moAny said...

Unfortunately I've had that also! Creepy. I just dont anwser the phone and after awhile, they get the message. I mean... really, why are you attached if you don't know me?

anyhow, maybe you can find a guy who plays the ukulele. i am sorta dating one that plays it and serenades me... its calming and cute.