Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Best You Never Had

Guys really are dumb fucks! Don't tell me you really like me than go around messing with some other dude. Then ignore me for a week and then text me and ask how i'm doing. Then you tell me you did something bad...i think...YOU THINK! wtf crap is this. I knew it at the time i couldn't trust you, and knew that some shit was going down.

You don't tell me you think you did something bad, and i ask what...then say "i'll tell you later" THEN you don't even tell me. It's been a day lmao.

I'm the bitch who didn't get no sleep making up all these crazy ass scenarios about wtf you did that was so bad.

I'm messed up, and so are these other dumbfucks who call themselves men, when they can't even man up, grow some damn balls and tell me straight up wtf they did.

No wonder all of them are whoring around, because there's no use in trying to maintain a damn relationship. Mind as well just fuck around until their energizer battery runs out, or break a fucking hip.


letopho said...

trust no one

moAny said...

It's funny... oftentimes those who you trust most are the ones that screw you over most. I'd say listen to Chris, but if you go on living life that way, you will never find true love.