Friday, August 29, 2008


Good friends help make my days seem better. Even if i don't see them, i manage to be entertained or at least kept busy through texts or phone calls. Friends help make boring regular old school more fun or at least more enjoyable.

Thursday night, i went to see a private screening of the movie "Sex Drive" it was still in it's editing phase, but the movie was great. It was funny, had a good story line and not just a typical sex movie. I actually learned something from the movie...or atleast something i didn't know about.

Later on, i went to my friends place, we just chilled had a drink or two played cards on the balcony, just really chill. Good way to spend the warm night, drinking and playing games, acting like fools and we're still okay. Card games are fun, especially when you're slightly intoxicated or heavily intoxicated, however you like your intoxication levels.

It's fucking hot, and school is the usual shit, so i dont bother posting about it.

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