Monday, July 7, 2008


I've been spending the day/few hours with someone lately...well only two times so far. I met him on downelink. We chatted and webcammed for a couple weeks until he actually moved to San Jose. Through the internet I was already able to feel a connection, I was beginning to like him.

I was supposed to see him on the friday during pride weekend but my friend being impatient wanted to get to the city way early. We ended up getting their around 4-5 pm anyways. I didn't get the point of that. But...I was not able to see him that day.

We've also been texting back and forth and was supposed to see each other on Saturday during the pink party day. Something happened to his phone, so we didn't get a chance to see each other again.

I was beginning to wonder whether or not he was flaking on me.
Alas, he was not flaking. Finally got to see him on Sunday after all the pride festivities.

Before meeting him I was worried he wouldn't like who he saw or just all those negative thoughts. He instantly recognized me and hopped into my car.
I took him back to his place to get his jacket, and we headed to get some Pho.
We had planned to get some when we met up.

Things were going well, we ate, and talked with little to no awkward silences.
Like christopher said...sometimes you don't need to talk to enjoy each other's company.
I was glad I was able to keep the conversation going, usually i'm really horrible at this.

We went back to his place and just chilled and talked some more. But I was tired from the lack of sleep the entire weekend and had to drive back home 30 minutes away from there.

He walked me out and gave me a hug and said we should hang out again.
I'll save the next meet up for another post :]

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